Step 2: Mentorship

     My process of learning any new game was extremely influenced by mentors that I trusted with teaching me how to play.  I looked to people like Dyrus, and Doublelift for valuable content when I was learning how to climb the ranks of League of Legends, and also looked to people like Kolento and Firebat when climbing the ranks of Hearthstone.  In order to be a better gamer, it's important to take advantage the amount of information available to you throughout the web, just like the 21 Warcraft guides available on this very website.

     Now that you know how valuable taking on a mentor (or several) can be to improving your play, take advantage of this by following the content creators of your choice, it can really go a long way.  There are so many platforms available for you to directly connect with some of the best players to directly learn from. While you're searching for your mentors, I'll be preparing the next free tip for you to read on next Tuesday. 

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The First Step to Being a Better Gamer

     Today's well-known games are often easy to play casually, however it doesn't stop there.  These games have been redeveloped and expanded to provide a deeper level of game play due to the experiences of gamers just like you.  The best gamers are usually considered "professional" because of their ability to persistently innovate more effective ways to play. My goal with this blog series is to bridge the gap between a casual gamer and a professional gamer for those who seek to embark on the journey of improving their play. Every pro was once a noob, and their journey also began with a single step.

     Your first step to becoming a better gamer begins with preparing yourself with the most effective information available to improve your play.  Take some time to go read through individual abilities or actions within the game.  This will instantly improve your game knowledge and allow you to better understand the individual pieces which you will later paint a larger picture with.  While you're doing that, I will be preparing new tips to post every Tuesday morning in order to guide you towards becoming a better gamer.

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